Blog Author: Samuel Chetty 

The purpose of this blog is to examine what the Bible says about God’s plan for mankind, about why the world is in the condition that it is in, and about what the future holds for the world and individuals. Some of the things I write on this blog are things I believe to be absolute truth from Scripture. Other things I write are more speculative or subjective in nature. I will try to give clear indications as to which category a piece writing on the blog belongs.

I am a young adult and have been a believer in Christ for as far back as I can remember.  I am certain that many of you reading this blog have been believers and have studied the Scriptures longer than I have. Nevertheless, I believe that I have seen powerful messages in the Scriptures, and I want to share these messages with everyone who is seeking the truth contained in the Bible.  My beliefs have been significantly shaped by my own study of the Bible as well as by reading and researching the writings of other believers who have walked with God and have had very successful ministries in teaching and practicing Biblical truth.  My goal for this blog is present what I believe to be the truth from the Scriptures and to find common ground where believers from various Christian backgrounds can agree but also discuss Scriptures that seem to cause division among believers.  If you are not a believer, read this blog with an open mind and share your thoughts and concerns so that we can engage in discussion.

Feel free to submit questions, concerns, thoughts, disagreements, etc. with anything I write.  We grow in truth by sharing ideas and engaging in tactful discussion.

May the Lord help you in every area of your life,

Samuel Chetty

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